The internet has never seen traffic like this before…

Major platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and even Netflix have drastically decreased the stram quality to make up for the massive amount of requests on the internet right now.

Here are a few of the major companies who have taken precautions.


The top video platform also announced they’re reducing streaming quality globally for a month. YouTube videos will default to 480p standard definition quality, but users can always manually select a higher-quality setting.



The social giant announced they’re tentatively reducing video stream quality for both Facebook and Instagram for EU users to help alleviate network congestion.






The media platform likewise adjusts its streaming quality for users in Australia, NZ, EU, India, Israel, and Argentina as more people work from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.



Amazon’s subscription arm Amazon Prime also announced a downgrade in video quality, again for EU users, to help ease network congestion.


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