Who is Fred Lam?

Fred Lam is an incredibly successful online marketer who started off as a dishwasher to generating over $40 million in revenue through his various ventures. Online marketing is his specialty and he creates educational content to teach other entrepreneurs the techniques he has personally used to reach success. His YouTube channel is filled with tons of valuable information relating to online marketing and eCommerce. I would highly recommend checking out his channel if you are interested in these topics. There are plenty of things you can learn from his videos, and a lot of what he teaches is not widely known. I have personally watched a bunch of his videos and they are very helpful, easy to understand, and have taught me a lot. I personally use his 3×3 Facebook advertising strategy and I would highly recommend it.

You can find plenty of Facebook advertising strategies online, and each has its own pros and cons. Today we will be talking about the “3×3 Facebook Advertising Strategy” by Fred Lam. This strategy takes advantage of Facebook’s advertising algorithms and can help you quickly test multiple different ad campaigns to find the best and most effective ads to run.

If you hate waiting around to see the results from your ad campaigns, this strategy is definitely for you! With this method, you are able to test the waters in multiple targeted markets and see what ads work best. If you did this without the 3×3 strategy, it could take quite a long time. Time is money – so the quicker you get the results you are looking for, the better.

So what is the 3×3 strategy?

The 3×3 Facebook advertising strategy involves an ad campaign for one product, targeted at 3 separate markets. Fred Lam uses a flashlight product as an example for this. The flashlight campaign is broken down into 3 ad sets – hunting, survival, and camping. These are 3 separate markets which are all interested in the flashlight product. Then each ad set runs 3 ads under each set. This is where the name “3×3” comes from. Each ad under these ad sets should be a different angle to test which angles do best so you can focus on these. So for the hunting market, we have 1 video ad, 1 carousel ad, and 1 single image ad. And the same for the survival and camping markets.

The point behind having 3 different types of ad for each market is to see which functions the best. For certain markets, an image might be more effective. And for others, a carousel or video ad might be more effective. It is also a good idea to switch up the post text for each type of ad to see if a certain post text gives better results than others.

The hunting, survival, and camping markets will should have different post text for each ads. For example – the post text for the hunting market ads should focus around the hunting niche. And the post text for the survival market ads should be specific to the survival niche. The camping market post text should also be different than the hunting and survival ads, and focus on the camping niche.

Post Text Examples


“This tactical LED flashlight is 10x stronger than ordinary flashlights and is perfect for hunters! Order yours now with a special 50% discount today!”


“This LED flashlight is a must-have for your survival grab bag! It is 10x stronger than traditional flashlights and lasts much longer! Order yours today with our special 50% discount!”


“This LED flashlight is a must-have for every serious camper! It is 10x stronger than ordinary flashlights which makes it perfect for camping! Order yours today and get 50% off!?

Analyzing Data & Results

Identifying Which Ad Set, Angles, & Ad Types Are Most Effective

Within 24-48 hours you should have enough data to determine which ad set, angles, & ad types are most effective. For example – you may find that the survival ad set did not perform well like shown in the image above. In this case, don’t run those ads anymore if they do not perform well. Under the hunting ad set, the video ad may have performed well but the carousel and single image ad didn’t. Now you know you should focus your advertising budget on this specifically because it provides the best results. Use the same strategy for the camping market ad set. If the video ad and carousel ad under the camping ad set did not perform well, but the image ad did. Focus your advertising budget on the image ad because you found that this was the best performing ad type and angle.

Pros & Cons of the 3×3 Method


  • Ability to quickly test to find out what’s working
  • Maximizes the Facebook advertising algorithm
  • Helping with relevance score & feedbacks
  • Ability to scale your ads much faster


  • Spend 3x more than traditional $5/day tests
  • Need to be creative when thinking of markets, angles & ad types

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